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 “I Believe, Yes, I Believe.
It is an act of faith by Mrs. Odette Roy Fombrun affirming her deep conviction that a better future for Haiti rests essentially on the education of its youth and the close collaboration of the Haitian diaspora in promoting development and Touris Lakay.





Odette Roy Fombrun, five questions for Ile en Ile
A documentary profile of Mrs. Odette Roy Fombrun




“For a humanist globalization” (ORF)

The Tree of Freedom

“From the Ayiti of the Indians to the war of liberation that led to Haiti’s independence, this documentary tells us about the various struggles that men have fought on this land in order to free it from the yoke of servitude.
From Caonabo to Toussaint Louverture, beyond the struggles of race or color, these men fought for Liberty and Equality”.

A documentary film by Maxence Denis (2004) which offers commentaries by Mrs. Odette Roy Fombrun on the indigenous Indian populations of Haiti, on their cultural beliefs and practices.

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Odette Roy Fombrun makes the Point!

The life of the Tainos
An animated documentary film for children with commentary by Odette Roy Fombrun about the lives of the Taino ancestors of Haiti and their rich heritage.