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Odette Roy Fombrun is a very prolific writer. She has bequeathed to the Foundation a true treasure trove in literary, audiovisual and citizen production, and her royalties are used to support the administration of the FORF.  Since the publication of her first civic education book in 1949, her educational books on civics, history and geography have been adopted in Haitian schools. His collection of children’s stories has also been a great success to date.

In addition to her writings on education, Mrs. Fombrun regularly opines on the economic and social situation in Haiti. She has published hundreds of articles in the local and international press and is also the author of numerous articles in academic publications.

Below, the bulk of her work is categorized. As soon as possible, available titles will be available to order directly online.

If you wish to donate books, please contact the FORF directly for availability and pricing details at and/or at the following numbers: (+509) 3170-6000 and (305) 467-2511.