FORF endorses and provides seed funding for new project to transcribe and create orchestrations for ‘Songs of Haiti’

“Songs of Haiti” Is a project launched by classically-trained Haitian singer Karine Margronand Haiti’s renown conductor and composer Julio Racine. Its purpose is to transcribe, record, safeguard, and promote Haiti’s rich heritage of traditional folk songs. FORF has endorsed this project and is acting as a partner to the initiative. FORF’s objective is to support the preservation of Haiti’s Traditional, Folk and Classic Songs and promote its teaching in all Haitian schools of music and abroad.

The project will be presented to the public at a launch reception in November 2012. As part of the project, music sheets and recorded materials will be printed and made available for wider distribution. The project is to be funded by Fondation de France via Fondation Culture Creation (FCC) with the support of FOKAL and Fondation Francoise Canez Auguste (FFCA), in association with Fondation Maurice Sixto (FMAS). A publicity campaign in US, Canada, Latin America and French Universities is being planned to help provide musicians with access to a formal repertoire of songs and music from Haiti.

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