FORF is developing an entrepreneurship program through a partnership with Fondation Etre Ayisien

FORF is participating in the development of a local initiative to stimulate entrepreneurship in the Ganthier region of Haiti at the Parc Naturel Quisqueya, through a partnership with Fondation Etre Ayisien and FONDTAH . The initiative is designed to implement FORF’s plan to stimulate local tourism by aligning local interests with those of diaspora members that originate from the region.

The project is targeting 100 young entrepreneurs. All will receive 30 hours of seminars in accounting, marketing, and business strategy. The top 40 will be selected and encouraged to prepare project proposals for funding by private sponsors. The project is designed as a model training program for stimulating local interest and entrepreneurship and to increase involvement of the diaspora in their communities of origin.

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